DV Awareness

History Of Purple Light Nights®

The Covington Domestic Violence Task Force (CDVTF) was co-founded in 2004 by Victoria Throm and Curt Lindsley in Covington, WA. Both Curt and Victoria saw the need to raise awareness about domestic violence, provide support to survivors and to raise funds to further these goals.  

In 2006, Victoria presented the idea of a Purple Light Nights® campaign to the Covington DVTF for October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Knowing that purple is the symbolic color of domestic violence, the task force embraced the unique concept and the Purple Light Nights® campaign was conceived.  

Purple Light Nights® quickly spread across North America, and has been hosted throughout the United States in 32 states and in 4 Canadian provinces.

Check out our Purple Light Nights® maps:

* United States

* Canada

Go Purple USA helps to promote Purple Light Nights® campaigns throughout North America.

Join The Movement!

Join people across North America for Purple Light Nights® this October! 

It's easy to participate! Residents, businesses, nonprofits and government agencies hang PURPLE LIGHTS at their homes, places of business or city streets to show support for survivors of domestic violence. Many communities will light prominent landmarks purple, and hold a community gathering and/or press conference with the landmark as a backdrop.

Why Purple?

For years, the color PURPLE has been associated with the cause against domestic violence, while the month of October has been recognized internationally for decades as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

Purple Light Nights® USA Map - 2019

Purple Light Nights® Canada Map - 2019